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SageMath9.0 in Fedora32 and Python3.8 - Error


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I have a problem with SageMath 9.0 - after upgrading to F32, there are errors in the Jupyter notebook:
sage -n jupyter
SageMath version 9.0, Release Date: 2020-01-01
Using Python 3.8.2.
An example of a simple function:
f (x) = x ^ 2
after run i get:
TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)
/usr/lib64/python3.8/codeop.py in __call __ (self, source, filename, symbol)
     135 def __call __ (self, source, filename, symbol):
-> 136 codeob = compile (source, filename, symbol, self.flags, 1)
     137 for feature in _features:
     138 if codeob.co_flags & feature.compiler_flag:
TypeError: required field "type_ignores" missing from Module

There is a clear incompatibility of Python 3.8 with SageMath!
Can you do anything about it? Please help.
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